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    Toons, Inc.

    November 25, 2013 by Thomas D. Coyote

    Hi guys! I made a cast for my movie spoof of the Monsters franchise, Toons, Inc. and Toons University, for when I get a Youtube account. If you don't know what a movie spoof is, watch Youtubers like Truedisneyking or Michaelsar12isback. The made up plot is about a long time ago, when Cartoon Characters used to scare kids to get scream energy, but eventually learn that laughter is much more powerful, explaining why they're so funny. So, without further adue, here's the whole cast:

    Wreck-It Ralph as Sulley

    Timon (The Lion King) as Mike Wazowski

    Agnes (Despicable Me) as Boo

    Sawyer (Cats Don't Dance) as Celia

    Carface (All Dogs go to Heaven) as Randall Boggs

    Killer (All Dogs go to Heaven) as Fungus

    Lotso (Toy Story 3) as Henry J. Waternoose

    Granny (Loo…

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  • Thomas D. Coyote

    The name, Mike Wazowski, was came up with by the Muppet Man himself, Frank Oz.

    Boo, who was originally named Mary, was originally going to be six years old, as a smart-alec kid who's older brothers play tricks on her a lot. They changed her to be younger, so that she'd be more dependant and more loving to Sulley.

    In one of the many script ideas for the movie, Sulley was a janitor who is too afraid of humans to be a scarer, Randall is the top scarer, and Mike is his assistant, but still Sulley's friend.

    Due to the ENORMOUS amount of hairs on Sulley's body, it took a total of TWELVE HOURS just to make ONE frame with him in it.

    If you look closely at Boo's drawings, she wrote her real name on it, "Mary".

    This was the last Pixar film to have bloope…

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  • Thomas D. Coyote

    Sulley has 2320413 hairs on his body.

    Since Mary Gibbs, the voice of Boo, was very young and hard to keep her in place for recording, they just let her play and run around the studio, and followed her with a microphone.

    There was a long time of production where Mike wasn't even in the film. They added him in to be a close companion to Sulley, a guy that he could express his feelings to.

    Billy Crystal immedietlely said yes to being the voice of Mike, after regreting his decision to say no to voicing Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story.

    Mike's New Car was originally supposed to be a scene in the movie.

    I might make another list of facts, soon :)

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  • Thomas D. Coyote

    There's lots of awesome and memorable quotes from this franchise. Which one is the best for you?

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    Free MU ID Cards!

    November 15, 2013 by Thomas D. Coyote

    If any user wants their own cool MU ID card (like the one on my page) just tell me in the comments, and I can make you one! Unless you want me to use a different photo (which you would show me in the comments) I will use your avatar for it. If you are a regular contributor, the word "student" will be replaced by "editor". However, if you are a staff member of any kind, I'll give the position of whatever you do. So if you want one, come to the Coyote :)

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