The toxicity challenge was the first challenge in the Scare games. The point of the challenge was to not touch the toxic objects in a child's bedroom. They used an equivalent, namely, the stinging glow urchins. They introduced the 6 teams competing in the games which were, Jaws Theta Chai, Python Nu Kappa, Slugma Slugma Kappa, Roar Omega Roar, Eta Hiss Hiss and Oozma Kappa. They got to the starting line and everybody was shown Rosie Levin, the leader of HSS, say "This is all about teamwork!". Then they showed Carla Delgado, the leader of EEK saying "everybody stick together".Terri gives The pnk girls luck to which Crystal Du Bois says "Thanks we're going to rip you to pieces and then roar at them with their glowing eyes. Then Claire wheeler tells them scarers work in the dark. They start and Art runs forward and hugs the urchins. He gets lots of lumps and screams. Mike and James look back scared of the urchins and what they can do. Then they show the eek girls running and Brynn Larson steps on an urchin. her friends stop to help her. Don steps on an urchin and falls on one and says cheese and crackers. Then someone throws an urchin at James' shoulder and he touches it and both swell up. Mike says that it must hurt but then gets hit in the leg and the roars overtake them. Terry then tells Terri to keep calm only to be hit in the head. He screams and they step on some urchins. Then Squishy runs and get hit in the head three times and swells then screams. A monster aims and shoots one into his mouth and he blows up. They finally get to the hanging urchins and see the roars run past the finish line and win. They tear through and start arguing about who got past first. Then Chet tells them they blew it to which Mike exclaims " Hey second place aint bad!" but then Jock Pearson announces JOX came second then says as all the teams run past the finish line " third place eeks, fourth place pnk, fifth place has!!" Then he says OK is out and claire wheeler said "shocker!" and threw their board to the ground. Then Hardscrabble tells them it would have taken a miracle to get through. Then Jock says " jaws Theta Chai is disqualified for using protective gel" then Mike said " this is going to be harder than I thought.

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