Blue umbrella
The Blue Umbrella
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Saschka Unseld



The Blue Umbrella is a Pixar short film that was shown before Monsters University theatrically. It was released in 2013.


On a rainy day, the rain causes objects in a big city to practically come alive. Amongst a group of people, walking down the street with black umbrellas, a blue umbrella sees a red umbrella, and they fall in love. However, they can't get to each other, for they are both controlled by their owner. When the wind blows the blue umbrella away, the living objects in the city try their best to save him, until he gets hit by a truck. He lies on the road, both his body and heart broken, until a man without an umbrella finds him. To his surprise, the man was on a date with the red umbrella's owner, so now the blue and red umbrella can be with each other, whenever they date on a rainy day.