Ted Pauley
Ted Pauley
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March 2[1]




Scarer / laugh collector

Ted Pauley is one of the many laugh collectors that work on the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor.


Pauley was born on March 2 of an unknown year, and is cousin to Joe Ranft, as well as the latter's brother.[1] He obtained a job as a scarer at Monsters, Inc. at an unknown time, although he has been working there for at least six years.[1]


Pauley in the commercial.

Ted had an appearance in a Monsters, Inc. commercial, in which an image of him was shown when describing how scares were collected, and he was later a part of the crowd of employees in the final shot.

Ted was working at Monsters, Inc. during the brief period of time in which Boo, a small child from the human world, was accidentally allowed entry to the monster world by James P. Sullivan. Pauley had been working on Scare Floor F just hours before she entered Monstropolis, collecting energy for Scream Canisters through scaring children in the human world.

Monsters Inc Employees

Pauley among the staff of Monsters, Inc.

Once Boo was brought into custody of the CDA and Henry J. Waternoose, Pauley's boss, had been exposed, Ted and the rest of Monsters, Inc.'s staff waited outside the company until the CDA left the premises. During this time, Sullivan and Mike Wazowski realized that the energy needed to fuel Monstropolis could be collected by laughs in addition to screams, and Pauley and the rest of the scarers became laugh collectors instead.

Pauley was among the group of monsters that attended the company play "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me".

Personality and traits

Ted Pauley2

Pauley with all of his eyes.

Pauley generally talks softly, but remains a formidable scarer. He stands at 5'7" and weighs 556 pounds.[1] He is a large, slender, and muscular purple monster whose stance is similar to that of a gorilla. He has seven orange stripes and numerous spikes on his back, as well as sixteen removable blue eyes that he utilizes while scaring.

Behind the scenes

Pauley's name is a reference to Pixar staff member Bob Pauley..




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