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Susan Jensen
Susan Jensen
Character Information


Susan Jensen is one of the members of HSS.

She is mentioned in the Monsters University "Official Movie Magazine" published by Disney/Pixar, as having been "raised by circus performers." Therefore, "she's incredibly agile."


Monsters University

Although she does appear with HSS, she doesn't appear very much in the Scare Games, as she was only seen lining up and coming out a tunnel and being pulled by Rosie Levin in the library. She does not appear again after the "Avoid the Parent" event. She was not seen at all during the Toxicity Challenge. However, she was seen coming out and preparing.


She is a furry purple monster with two green eyes (one of which is unexposed), and purple and maroon hair.




  • Susan was the only member to not be seen for the whole time when Eta Hiss Hiss was in the movie.


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