Sonia Lewis
Sonia Lewis
Character Information




Sonia Lewis was one of the members of the Eta Hiss Hiss sorority. She attended Monsters University, and was part of one of the six teams that competed in the Scare Games, against five other fraternities and sororities. Sonia's sorority made it to the fourth event, but they were eliminated after not hiding well enough from the referees.

When the Roar Omega Roar members humiliated the Oozma Kappa members, unlike the rest of the fraternities and sororities of the Scare Program, she and the other HSS members were genuinely shocked and were among the few that did not laugh.

Sonia is a little blue monster with two blue antenna eyes, freckles, and dark blue hair.

She wears a black leather jacket and a pink bow tie on the side of her hair.


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