Rhonda Boyd
Rhonda Boyd
Character Information


Rhonda Boyd is a member of the Eta Hiss Hiss sorority. She has a kiss-shaped mouth. She does not appear with HSS in any of the events in the Scare Games other than the Toxicity Challenge. This makes her a very minor character in the film.


She is a light pink monster with pink tentacle-like hair and one brown eye. During the Roar Omega Roar party, when Oozma Kappa were humiliated by having paint and stuffed animals dropped on them, Rhonda was genuinely shocked and was one of the few who did not laugh. This could mean that she has a kind heart. Despite her tough image, she's just an average girl who loves hugs. She is portrayed by Zibby Allen.


  • She is one of the members of HSS to make no sound whatsoever. The other was Nancy Kim, due to having no visible mouth. However, while Susan Jensen and Sonia Lewis do not directly speak, they do make small noises and hisses.




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