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Rex is a large, green dinosaur that supposedly resides in Monstropolis. Though little is known about Rex, he seems to be very enthusiastic, and works hard to act scary and intimidating. He is a large green dinosaur that has a tan stomach area, and two paws with dark green nails.

Rex only appeared in the outtakes for Monsters, Inc., in which he replaces the role of Ted while Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan are walking to work.

Behind the scenes

Rex is a character from the Toy Story franchise, and his appearance in the Monsters, Inc. outtakes serves as a reference to the films. In the Toy Story films, Rex is a green Hasbro dinosaur that is owned by Andy Davis. Despite his tough appearance, Rex is gentle, kind, and caring, and seems to lack self-confidence, and has secret fears of Sid Phillips and being replaced by another dinosaur toy. He is voiced by Wallace Shawn.


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