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Professor Knight
Character Information


Professor Derek Knight is a teacher and professor at Monsters University. He's voiced by British actor Alfred Molina, who proceeds to give Knight an American accent.


Professor Knight teaches Scaring 101, the introductory course to Scaring at Monsters University. With hundreds of new Scare students each year, Professor Knight must weed out the weak from the talented and identify who shows the most potential to be real Scarers. Only a few have what it takes to pass the formidable final exam and move on to the elite Scaring Program.

In Monsters University, he teaches SCAR 101: Intro to Scaring.


Professor Knight is very smart, and can figure out who will not be a great scarer and who will.


Professor Knight's design resembles a dinosaur. He has orange skin, with black claws. He wears glasses, and white shirt and tie.




  • "Correct!"


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