Professor Brandywine
Professor Brandywine
Character Information


Professor William Brandywine is a Professor at Monsters University.


Monsters University

He works at the Monsters University's School of Engineering, where he teaches Scream Canister Design. He is a very boring and emotionless professor, who delivers his class with the same monotone and tired voice, without doing the smallest movement.

Following their failure at the School of Scaring on their first semester, Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan switch their major to Scream Can Design, much to their unhappiness.


His body is round and entirely covered with fur, leaving his eyes and mouth almost invisible. William Brandywine's fur is yellow and his eyebrows are brown.




  • Don Carlton is the character model for Professor Brandywine. Artists just added fur.
  • Brandywine bears somewhat resemblance to the Sweedish Chef and Fozzie Bear, both from The Muppet Show.

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