Book Information
Written by

Barbara Bazaldua


August 31, 2009


Dorling Kindersley

Pixarpedia is a book by Barbara Bazaldua that was published in 2009 by Dorling Kindersley. It contains information about various Pixar Animation Studios films, including their production, characters, locations, and more.

Official synopsisEdit

"A new edition of the best of Pixar...and beyond Pixar are the animation giants behind incredible movies including Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Wall.E, Up and now Toy Story 3. Go behind-the-scenes and find out all there is to know about this extraordinary company.Learn about the fascinating rise of Pixar, from their history and creative talent to the secrets behind their unique movie-making process. From Woody to Lightening McQueen, discover little-known facts and trivia about the characters from all their major and short films.Plus, pick up inside knowledge from 'which fishy character pops up in Monsters Inc' to 'why the number A113 appears in all Pixar films'. Packed with timelines, fantastic pictures and movie-stills, this is an essential guide to the ultimate movie-making machine."[1]

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