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Monsters University soundtrack
Monsters University
Song Information
Written by

Randy Newman


Monsters University



Used in

Monsters University

The Monsters University theme song is heard in the film of the same name. It is the university's anthem. It is sung by the M.U. students before the final Scare Games competition, and its melody appears occasionally throughout the film in the backing score.


Album version

Monsters University
We give our heart to you
We want you to be proud of us
What ever we may do

Wherever children are dreaming
We'll bring them nightmares too
From Monsters University
Alma Mater, we love you

Monsters of the world
Can you hear the call?
At Monsters University
You're welcome, one and all

Monsters University, Monsters University
First in terror, first in fear
We're awfully glad we're here

Monsters University
We never will forget
The golden years we spent with you
And the monsters that we met

No matter where life takes us
Your light will come shining through
Oh, Monsters University
Alma Mater, hail to you

Film version

Monsters University
We give our heart to you
We want you to be proud of us
Whatever we may do

We'll bring the nightmares, too
Oh, Monsters University
Of a modern hail to you

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