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Little Mikey
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Seen in

Monsters, Inc.
Monsters University


Brown, blue, white, black

Used by

Mike Wazowski

"Hey! Hey! That's it! No one touches Little Mikey!"
Mike, as he angrily takes his teddy bear away from Boo.

Little Mikey is Mike Wazowski's stuffed teddy bear. Apparently, it is what is considered a bear in the Monster World.


The stuffed toy has a bear-like shape, but with one blue eye, two small horns, and four legs.


Monsters, Inc.Edit

In the film, it is seen on the shelf in Sulley and Mike's apartment. In its first appearance, Sulley was pushing a lot of things (including the teddy bear) during scaring practice with Mike. When Boo is in the apartment, Sulley gives it to her. Mike angrily takes it back because he doesn't want her germs on it. This causes Boo to cry loudly and almost gets them caught by the CDA. Sulley tries to give it back, but Boo won't stop crying. But when she finally responds and cuddles the bear, she touches Sulley's hand, which causes it to fly away from his hands. It isn't until Mike accidentally trips into the trash can, gets a shelf full of books stuck in his mouth, and smashed by a speaker that Boo cheers up and starts laughing.

Monsters UniversityEdit

In the film's first teaser trailer, Mike's teddy bear can be seen next to him.

In the film itself, it makes a cameo on Mike's shelf in his apartment with Randall. Later on, he moves it, along with his other things, into his room with Sulley in the Oozma Kappa fraternity house. mike has a lot of fans


  • A possible version of Mike's teddy bear was seen in the Butterfly Room in Toy Story 3.
  • A teddy bear bearing a resemblance to Mike's teddy bear is seen as one of Violet's toys in The Incredibles.
  • Despite being called a "bear", Little Mikey looks nothing like an actual bear at all and instead, resembles a red monster doll with one eye, two upward-pointing horns, two clawed arms, and four tentacled legs.