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James P. Sullivan
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Bill Sullivan
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James P. Sullivan, best known by his nickname Sulley, is a laugh collector and former scarer at Monsters, Inc., and one of the protagonists of the Monsters, Inc. series. Sulley has appeared in every main installment of the Monsters, Inc. franchise to date. He is a resident of Monstropolis that was expelled from college upon getting in trouble, but found work as employees in the mailroom and soon worked his way up to the position of a scarer, with Mike Wazowski, his best friend, as his assistant.


Early life

James P. Sullivan was born to Bill Sullivan and an unnamed mother.


Monsters university 6

Sulley sits back and relaxes instead of paying attention.

Sulley attended Monsters University, and was looked up to by his colleagues, as he was expected to be a prodigy at scaring, due to his father being a legendary scarer. Sulley's first few months at college went well, as his name would often get him out of trouble, often resulting in no punishment whenever he was late to class. Sulley was also accepted into Roar Omega Roar, a fraternity of Scare Program students that were generally regarded as the "popular" kids. However, towards the end of the semester, Sulley's lack of interest in education was causing his grades to slip, ultimately resulting in his removal from Roar Omega Roar.

During a simulation test for Scare Program students, Sulley got into a fight with a small monster he had become rivals with, Mike Wazowski. A physical argument between the two caused the prized scream canister of Abigail Hardscrabble, the dean of the school, being knocked over. Furious, Hardscrabble expelled the two from the Scare Program, meaning Mike and Sulley both had to switch to different classes.

The Oozma Kappa (OK) Boys (Mike, Sulley, Don, Terry, Terri, Art and Squishy)

Sulley and his fraternity.

To get back into the program, Mike offered a bet to Hardscrabble - if Mike and his new fraternity, Oozma Kappa, won the Scare Games, Mike and his friends would have to be re-admitted into the program. They were initially denied due to only having five members, but Sulley joined as well. Sulley and his fraternity somewhat struggled during the first two events, but eventually acquired their school's admiration once they made it to the final event, against Roar Omega Roar. Although Oozma Kappa was declared the winner of the final event, Sulley had tampered with the machine to allow for Mike to win, which was against the rules. An upset Mike escaped to the Human World through a Door Station, and while everyone was ordered to stay back from the door, Sulley ran in to save him. Once out, Mike and Sulley were expelled from Monsters University.


As Mike and Sulley were waiting for a bus back to Monstropolis, Dean Hardscrabble approached the pair and showed them a newspaper ad for Monsters, Inc., who were looking for additional employees in the mailroom. Mike and Sulley were accepted for the job, and excelled in their area, and were gradually promoted to janitors, cafeteria workers, and finally a scare team, with Sulley as the scarer and Mike as his assistant.


Boo's door.

A few years into their role as a scaring team, Sulley discovered a door that had not been returned to the Door Warehouse, and ended up allowing for a human (a species that was widely considered as "toxic" in the monster world). Uncertain of what to do, Sulley took the girl, hidden inside a gym bag, to Mike, who was enjoying a dinner with Celia Mae at Harryhausen's. The girl, later nicknamed "Boo" by Sulley, managed to escape from the bag, and began causing terror in the restaurant. The CDA were called upon, and the entire city and its citizens were being searched for evidence.

To return Boo to her door, Mike and Sulley would have to take her inside of Monsters, Inc., so they disguised her in a costume and told their boss, Mr. Waternoose, that it was their relative's child. After Boo escaped from Sulley's grasp, he had to follow her around the building, keeping her out of trouble.

However, Mike and Sulley were soon found out by Randall and Mr. Waternoose, and banished to the Himalayas, where the Abominable Snowman informed them of a village that was located towards the bottom of the summit. Sulley arrived there by sled, and made his way back into the company, where he managed to retrieve Boo. However, Randall soon regained Boo, and Mike and Sulley chased him through the Door Warehouse. Once Boo was safe again, Sulley sadly said his goodbyes to Boo, and the door was shredded. However, Mike managed to rebuild the door and surprised Sulley with it.

Upon Waternoose's arrest, Monsters, Inc. was turned into a laugh production company, as opposed to the previous scare production company.

Monsters, Inc. series appearances

Monsters, Inc.

Sulley 004

Mike and Sulley try to protect themselves from the "toxic" Boo.

In Monsters, Inc., Sulley was the top scarer of Monsters, Inc. and was naturally afraid of humans due to their rumored "toxic touch" that could kill the biggest monsters in an instant – until he met Boo, a human girl who found her way into the monster world and into the factory. Sulley, who was initially hesitant, became Boo's protector and obtained a fatherly role to the human. Constantly worrying about her and protecting her from harm while at the same time unlocking the secrets that humans were not as deadly as rumored. Starting by treating Boo like a pet, he eventually grew to care for her, the attention drawing away from a jealous Mike. Randall Boggs, Sulley's arch-nemesis who also wants to be top scarer (and eventually, CEO of Monsters, Inc.), tries to use Boo in an experiment to forcibly extract screams for the growing energy crisis that relies on their cries to provide, and risking his friendship with Mike, Sulley comes to her rescue and in the process discovers that a child's laughter is 10 times more powerful than scream. Sometime after Mr. Waternoose, the former CEO of Monsters, Inc., is arrested by the CDA for assisting Randall, Sulley becomes the new CEO and changes the policy to obtain children's laughter instead, turning the energy crisis around.

Sometime after the events of the film, Sulley announces Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me, a company play that stars Mike, who has also directed, produced, and written the play, in front of the audience, and he appears in the play as a co-star. Sulley reappears in the prequel. He is shorter, skinnier, and shaggier.

Monsters, Inc.: The Video Game

EPSXe 2011-01-03 16-48-47-79

Sulley in Monsters, Inc.: The Video Game

In Monsters, Inc.: The Video Game, Sulley appears as the playable character throughout the story levels. In this game, Sulley must go on an adventure to save Boo from the clutches of the evil Mr. Waternoose.

Monsters, Inc. Scream Team

In Monsters, Inc. Scream Team, Mike and Sulley must complete various trials in order to be accepted as a scare team at Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena

In Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena, Sulley is one of the many characters that competes in the various dodgeball competitions.

Mike's New Car


Mike takes Sulley to the car

In Mike's New Car, Mike excitedly shows Sulley his car, but when Sulley gets into the car, things take a turn for the worst. After messing around with the seat adjusters, Mike's seatbelt gets stuck, and when he tries to put his seatbelt on, Sulley accidentally opens the hood. Mike gets out of the car to close it, but Sulley closes the hood on Mike's fingers, and when Mike tries to return to the inside of the car, he finds himself locked out. After more antics, Mike eventually yells at Sulley and kicks him out of the car, and when Mike tries to drive the car on his own, he crashes, and is propelled back by the airbag. Sulley catches him, and the two are forced to walk to work.

Monsters, Inc. Run

Sulley appears as a playable character in Monsters, Inc. Run.

Monsters University

An 18-year-old Sulley appears in Monsters University as an arrogant, yet friendly, monster who thinks that his family name is enough to get him

Mike and Sulley stand off to each other.

into the scaring business. He is quick to clash with Mike, who he considers to have lower chances of becoming a scarer than himself. He joins the fraternity Roar Omega Roar, only to be kicked out after his and Mike's rivalry causes them to be booted from the scaring program. He decides to join Oozma Kappa in order to get back into the scaring program, but he fears that Oozma Kappa will lose the Scare Games because they are not significantly scary. He eventually develops from Mike's rival to his friend, although he does not find Mike scary enough to win and tampers with the equipment so that Mike will register a good score. As a result, Oozma Kappa wins, but Mike finds out that Sulley cheated and enters the human world to prove himself a good scarer. Feeling guilty, Sulley confesses his cheating to Dean Hardscrabble and risks his life to get Mike back from the human world; however, the door is deactivated, stranding the duo. Together, Sulley and Mike generate enough energy from their side to power the door and scare the newly-arrived human police. They return to the monster world, but are expelled from Monsters University. Despite this, they get to work at Monsters, Inc. in the mailroom and work their way up until Sulley becomes a scarer (with Mike as his assistant) and meets their boss Henry J. Waternoose III.

Party Central


The Oozma Kappa fraternity partying.

In Party Central, Mike and Sulley visit their Oozma Kappa friends, and find out they are throwing a party, but no one has arrived. Mike and Sulley set up a door station, and begin stealing things from Roar Omega Roar's party.

Other appearances


In Cars, "car-ified" versions of Mike, Sulley and the Abominable Snowman appear during the end credit sequence. In the Cars universe, Mike and Sulley are celebrities that are the stars of a famous film titled "Monster Trucks, Inc.", in which Mike and Sulley must save the "Boomobile", the "car-ified" version of Boo. Mike and Sulley also have cameo appearances in Tokyo Mater, in which they can be seen in a building as Mater drifts through it. Both Mike and Sulley appear as playable characters in Cars: Mater-National Championship and Cars: Race-O-Rama, with the former having a minigame based on the series, called "Mike and Sulley's Last Laugh".


In Brave, a drawing of Sulley appears on a wall.

Disney Infinity series


Sulley in the Monsters University Play Set in Disney Infinity.

In Disney Infinity, Sulley appears as a playable character. He is the heaviest of the three Monsters University characters, and his abilities include a ground smash, scaring, and a shoulder bash.

Sulley also returns in Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition and Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition.


Personality and traits

Sulley is nice, outgoing, brave, intelligent, selfless, humble, level-headed, confident, and caring. He appears to be popular among the other employees. In the first film, although his job is to scare children, Sulley makes efforts to befriend Boo and then goes to extreme measures to protect her from Randall and trick Mr. Waternoose into confessing to assisting Randall. It is Sulley who realizes that making children laugh is a far better way to produce energy than making them scream, thus solving Monstropolis' energy crisis.

Sulley is also very loyal to Mike, going so far as to lend him "odorant" and making reservations for him at an exclusive restaurant on Celia's birthday. Sulley also tries to cover for Mike when he realizes he forgot to turn in his paperwork. In return, he relies on Mike to help him in his madcap efforts to keep Boo safe. When Mike protests, Sulley chooses to help Boo over appeasing Mike's pride; his choice is justified when Mike later changes his mind and comes to help him and Boo.

Physical appearance

Sulley MU Comp

Comparison between Sulley from Monsters, Inc., and Monsters University

Sulley is 28-year old, has lots of blue fur, with purple polkadots on him. He has 3 claws on each of his feet, a long tail, and two small horns on his head. Sulley has 5,475,458 hairs on his body, and weighs 985 pounds.

In Monsters University, his fur is shaggier and he is a bit skinnier as an 18-year-old.

Voice Actors


  • There were many different incarnations of Sulley during development of the film; these include a clumsy monster by the name of Johnson, a television show worker named Hobs, and a janitor. His final design was said to be based on a prehistoric giant ground sloth.
  • One prototype drawing of Sulley showed him with brown fur, while another showed him wearing glasses, and a third showed him with tentacles. The reason for Sulley to be drawn with legs for his final design is due to the fact that the animators were afraid that the viewers would focus too much on the tentacles instead of his face had he be drawn with such.
  • A drawing of Sulley appears on a wood carving in the Witch's house in the Pixar film Brave.
  • Partysaurus rex sulley

    The toilet cover that resembles Sulley's fur in Partysaurus Rex.

    In the Toy Story Toons short Partysaurus Rex, the toilet cover in the bathroom has the same design as Sulley's fur.
  • Sulley is the first Pixar protagonist who does not have a love interest, followed by Remy and Merida.
  • In France, Sulley's name is spelled Sulli.
  • Sulley has a total of 2,320,413 strands of hair in Monsters, Inc. The motion and shape of 2,295,077 of those hairs are guided by "key" hairs, which are the other 25,336, and the animation of the hairs on Sulley's fingers when he comes into contact with Boo was made by hand by a technical director.
  • In Monsters University, he has 5,475,458 rendered hairs, over twice as much as he has in Monsters, Inc., and weighs 985 pounds.


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