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Jeff Fungus is Randall's former henchman at Monsters, Inc.


Monsters, Inc.

Fungus is rather wimpish, timid, and cowardly due to Randall's wrathful temper and helps him with his plot to revolutionize the scaring industry, although he regrets it.

He helps Randall (out of fear) to create the Scream Extractor. Fungus is initially a kind person and means well, even apologizing to Mike about his capture. He eventually falls victim to the machine himself, which blanches him white, implying that it would cause great physical harm if used on a child. After Randall is banished to the human world, Fungus is a lot happier and takes on the job of making children laugh. He is also grateful to Sulley, both for forgiving him for conspiring with Randall earlier and assigning him a job on the newly commissioned "laugh floor".

Monsters University

Fungus doesn't appear in Monsters University, which means that he probably met Randall after they started working at Monsters, Inc. Though, one of the ads in the credits was labeled "Fungus's Friends."


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Fungus doesn't stand up for himself very often, mainly because he is scared of Randall due to his explosive temper.


He is a small, red monster with three eyes and two legs similar to those of a chicken. He wears three-lensed glasses.




  • "Uh, sir?"
  • "What're we going to do about the child?!"
  • "I'm sorry, Wazowski! But Randall said I'm not allowed to fraternize with victims of his evil plot!"
  • "Oh, this is great!"