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For the Birds
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Ralph Eggleston


Ralph Eggleston



For the Birds is a Pixar short film that was shown before Monsters, Inc., theatrically. It was released in 2000.


For The Birds Pixar Short03:27

For The Birds Pixar Short

Fifteen small birds all sit on a telephone wire, when a goofy, taller bird comes and joins them. He annoys them, for he weighs down the wire closer to the ground. They try to push him off, and succeed. However, when they push him off, the wire flings the birds like a slingshot, and they land to the ground, feather-less.


  • The birds in the short make a cameo in another Pixar film, Cars, in which they are seen on a telephone wire.
    • This cameo made them the only non-machine characters in the film.

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