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Dorothy Newbern
Character Information



27 deceased husbands


"The Pink Widow"

Dorothy Newbern is a scarer at Monsters, Inc., who appeared in Monsters University.


According to her scare card, Dorothy was born in Van Cougar, on June 4th. In her past, she has had 27 husbands that all passed away, which is said due to natural causes. As a scarer at Monsters, Inc., she is said to be specialized in a risky and dangerous technique of springing very close to the child in bed, to get the best scream power. In her first year as a rookie, she made 24 full scream canisters, only 3 dead doors, and a scare total of 5,782. In her second year, she made 34 full scream canisters, 7 dead doors, and a remarkable scare total of 11,642.


Dorothy is a spider-like monster with a light purple, fluffy, round body with big eyes and sharp fangs. She is able to pull out and retract her long, striped legs from the bottom of her body. With that, she can seem adorable and innocent at first, and then show off her scary spider legs and fangs to look menacing.