A Monsters, Incorporated world was featured in Disney Universe. This is the fourth world after finishing the Lion King world.

Monster TrainingEdit

The first part takes places mostly in a house. The player must fight upside-down, get keycards, or destroy crates. The second part has a new Bot: the Bulldog. It attempts to eat the guest when repairing doors and using screaming canisters. The third part requires the player to get all scream canisters.

High in the HimalayasEdit

The guest gets help from the Abominable Snowman by feeding him lemon snowcones. Other objects include snow blowers and lanterns. A giant fan and vapor are very hazardous in the game. The final part requires you to score 20 points.

Door FactoryEdit

This is the last world. The guest here must get past the doors, avoid the sets of grinders, and get scream canisters to exit. The final boss of the world is a quartet of four faulty doors. They shoot fireballs, blobs, and lasers. They all must be grinded by the chopper to rescue the trapped guest.